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I'm a Toronto-based artist working in a wide array of new, old, and ancient mediums.

My mosaic practice incorporates various types of glass, tile, stone, metal, crystal, and found objects. My creations fall into four main types:


My personal style
strives to infuse
drama, light, colour,
texture, and motion into
each unique face.
Through experimentation, playfulness, and exquisite attention to detail,
I create expressive
works of art that
capture the likeness
of my subjects and
the spirit of
each original image.

Commission me
to transform your
photograph into
a unique and
attention-grabbing work
of heirloom-quality
fine art.

Your photo here...
Your photo here...


I enjoy arranging all
kinds of tactile
materials into works
of abstract art
that are not required
to look like anything
other than what they
turn out to be.

A work of Whimsy
begins with an
impulse, and then
steadily grows in
various directions
until it feels finished.
For decorative purposes,
my abstractions are
extremely versatile:
smaller pieces add
interest and intrigue
to intimate, awkward,
or unusal spaces.
Larger and more
monumental pieces
work well as the
centrepiece focus
of an expansive
showcase wall.
Pieces of Whimsy
are available for sale
during and after
a public exhibition.
Click here
to find out more.

Just for fun, I will
occasionally cast
a silver or brass
pendant and inlay
some glass mosaic.

My wax originals
are hand-carved
and intentionally
chunky, creating a
weighty and substantive
piece of wearable art.

I'm happy to design
pendants for special
occasions and events.
Contact me
to discuss the

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